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MG MGA - fan blade assembly

Is there any way to install the fan blade without removing the radiator?

George G.

You can remove and refit the fan without removing the rad George but it is a struggle.
You need a suitably cranked ring spanner that isn't cranked too much or it will wreck the radiator core.
You will prob ably lose the skin from all your knuckles with resultant bloodstains all over the place.

It will also take you forever!

It is so much easier to remove the rad!
30 min max to do that and this then you so much space to work on the fan.

Colyn Firth

Colyn, I have experienced all you have just described. Removal wasn't too bad but installation is a bugger. I have to replace the fan as I discovered the one I had installed during the engine rebuild has 3 bent blades. Glad I caught it before trying to start the engine.

George G.


Screw a couple of 1/4" studs cut from bolts into two opposite holes in the flange, locate the fan on the two studs, put in two of the screws, remove the two studs and fit the last two screws. Torque up evenly.

Knuckles saved!


Bolney Coupe

Thanks Dave, that's worth a try.

George G.

Dave, your suggestion worked well, the new fan is installed. Still some skinned knuckles however! For future reference here, the studs should be 3/4" long, and it helps to mark the pulley where the bolt holes are (use chalk or Magic Marker).

George G.

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