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MG MGA - Fan for MGB engine conversion

I have another MGB engine conversion question. I have a 1967 1800GB engine in my MGA. It has a short-nose water pump with a 2-belt pulley (using the rear slot) and a 6-blade metal fan. The radiator is spaced forward about inch. My problem is that one blade on the fan is bent and I would like to replace it. Neither of the plastic fans will work. One wont fit on the pulley and the other is much taller and hits the radiator. I know the metal fans are NA, but I need to know which metal fan to look for. Any identifying traits to look for to distinguish the MGA and MGB fans? I know the MGA fan is 6-bladed and the MGB 68 early 73 fan is 6-bladed. Moss doesnt identify a 73 to 77 fan. My fan has duel 4-bolt patterns.
F. J. Bruns

my 6 blade plastic fan (from NTG in the UK) was slightly larger in diameter than the standard metal fan and it slightly rubbed on the finger guard that is fitted on the rear of the top tank.
I slightly bent the cover upwards so that it cleared the fan and it solved the problem.

You can also easily shorten the blades or cut a corner off each blade on a plastic fan as necessary to prevent them from from catching on the radiator.

Finally ,you can also re drill the holes in the centre of a plastic fan to make them fit your pulley.

I have written a report on various plastic fans and electric fan set ups that I have experimented with on my MGB engined MGA if you interested.

c firth

Hi Colyn,

Can you send me the information on the fan set ups.

Jeff Becker


Thanks with for your help, but I may have misled you with the plastic fan. I was just looking at them because new metal fans are NA. My real issue is the limited distance between the water pump and the radiator with my MGB engine transplant. Moss has two (plastic) fans. The only one that would even fit over the pulley interferes with the radiator. The critical distance is the distance from the front face of the water pump to the leading edge of the fan. The metal fan I have now does fit well but has a bent blade. I am just trying to identify what replacement I should look for in used metal fans.
It appears that the MGB had at least 3(?) 6-blade fans or it could also be an MGA Fan. Does anyone know any identifying differences?

F. J. Bruns

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