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MG MGA - Filter cans

I only have one half of my car's filter cans - the outside halves of each. I am missing the carb-side halves for some reason.

Does anyone have a set they want to sell?

Does anyone have a suggestion for an aftermarket replacement that will work? Originality is not an options - preferably something that is a standard part at NAPA or somewhere like that.


AJ Mail

I have 3 Stelling & Hellings Co. of Burbank Calif. air filter assemblies you can have for postage. The filter elements are foam and are bad. They are 4 1/2" OD 3 1/2" ID and 3/4" tall.
The picture shows all 3. The top 2 are assembled. the bottom 2 pieces are one unit.

R J Brown


That is awesome!

Email me your address off line and let me know what the postage amount you think might be.

56 Wood St
Nashua, NH 03064
AJ Mail

Please dear god, do not use Stellings & Hellings on there! They are not worth the postage and will screw up anything above idle, and that too after a few miles. Only thing they could possibly be good for is using the top for a custom arrangement, but even that is iffy.

Following is MGB filter numbers, but A is similar, though the stock B filters are lots better than MGA also. Either find backplates and get K&N elements for stock appearance, or make up something using the MGB parts, backplate and spacer tubes/bolts, stock or K&N elements. Or use MGB backplate and the clamp on tapered K&N elements, as used by Hap Waldron or Jimmy Hilton - see MGB experience board for contact & numbers. From a post I made some years ago:

As if that's not enough, this same car has a pair of the wretched but flashy "Stellings & Hellings" air filters fitted. I've been telling him for a long time that they must go, and I am tired of having to clean the carbs every time I see the car, which usually has less than 2000 miles between visits. So I measured them,and these are the results:

Crappy "Stellings & Hellings" filters for HS4 SU. May not be real S&H, but the design is so bad as to make this irrelevant.
These are the chrome ones with perforated chrome sleeves on both sides of the foam element.
Airflow area available:
84 holes @ .190dia. = 84 x .095sq x 3.14 = 2.38 in sq per filter.
That is maximum at the inner sleeve, reduced by alignment of the similar outer sleeve and foam.

Airflow area of MGB OE paper, gross:
3 3/4 D X 2 deep x .8 estimated screen coefficient = 33 in sq per filter.
Actual element is unfolded size = .550pleat width x 2sides per pleat x 3depth x 76 pleats = 250.8 in sq.
Note that ONE pleat has nearly 50% more filtering area = 3.3 in sq. than the entire S&H filter!
The S&H has about 7% of the gross and 1% of the element area available in the OE unit.
This means that not only is it very restrictive, but also that air velocity in the media is so high as to make any useful filtration impossible.
S&H also has an bad backplate, further restricting air flow, and it is so flimsy as to not retain the gasket, which shrinks into the intake, making it worse still. The car I am working on has about a 1 1/4 hole through the shrunken gasket, which is the correct 1 1/2 original type.

FR Millmore

They are pretty small. I would not use them. The filter elements are foam and are crumbling with age. Make sure you can replace the elements before spending a dime on postage. Here is an original set on EBay
R J Brown

Thanks for the info and advice...I placed a bid, but am despairing of too much interest driving the price very high.

I'll keep looking around.

Maybe I will fab some up myself...if I do, I'll post a pic.

AJ Mail

Just and update - I got exactly the right parts for my Vokes cans from a friend - Larry in Maine - who is restoring an MGA also. He had two sets of backs and I had only the fronts - God or serendipity at work here I think. Thanks Larry!

MGA people are great at looking out for each other. I am constantly impressed by the good-natured folks on the list, and those I have met in person. It's an uplifting hobby...

AJ Mail

I had similar narrow filters with crumbling foam for filtration I replaced these with a complete set of K & Ns (new plates and filters) for a cost of around 80 from Brown & Gammons I only had to fabricate the hose adaptor to take the rocker cover breather for the front carb filter- They are fine and require very little maintenance
P D Camp

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