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MG MGA - Final engine rebuild update

So its all done and running quite nicely.

The formula is:

Ported and polished head
Pistons +.30
APT Mild Performance CAM (APN-11)
Lightened Flywheel.
Recurved distributor

Total time 8 weeks

Total cost $2,000

The result is a much better performing car with free revving up to 5500 rpm, much more throttle responsive too.

I will now need a anti-sway bar.

Kudos and thanks to

Joe Curto for carb work
Jeff Schlemmer for the distributor rebuild
APT for the CAM and hand holding
CD's engine Service for the flywheel work
Barney Gaylord for infinite patience
Julie Ann for not divorcing me.
T McCarthy

Hey congrats. I'm surprised you were able to do it that cheaply.

Christopher Wilson

I too am surprised with the extras you did.
Enjoy the last few good days now before Winter hits us.
mike parker

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