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MG MGA - Finally, reaping the reward

You all may recall that last year I had to rebuild my engine.

Of course since I had it out I had to do some mods. I generally followed the recipe on Barney's web page.

Now, a full 7 months later (including 4 months storage) I finally feel like I'm reaping the full benefits it has to offer and I couldn't be more pleased. The final bit to get her all there was the new ignition coil. I definately had to spend time re-learning where she likes her new settings.

The car is now outright zippy. She revs through 5,000 rpm without flinching. My 0 to 60 time dropped from 18 sec to under 13 (with a not so talented driver)I can actually scare myself a little driving through a curve.

If you had asked me back in November I would not have said its worth it, but today I would say it was.
T McCarthy

Glad it worked out so well for you.
Mike Parker

This thread was discussed on 21/05/2009

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