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MG MGA - Finishing strip

Can someone tell me the proper installation for the finishing strip? This piece is supposedly positioned below the rocker and front/rear wings along the lower flange at the frame edge?

This was not present on my car. I purchased a 1/8" x 1/2" flat steel and had it painted to match the body color. At $12.00 for both, an excellent savings from the Moss part at $54.00 for the set.

Does it start at the rear-most fender flange, and should it be bolted in place?

F Valenzano

and half way down the page here:
Barney Gaylord

I might add that the finisher strips are actually formed channel pieces, kind of a flat U with rolled edges, which is why they use those funny clips shown on Barney's site. The replacement ones I got are made from aluminum.

G T Foster


Would the finisher strip with the "U" shaped channel closely resemble the body side moldings (strips) that were installed on the MGBs?
F Valenzano

I don't really know. I'll have to compare to my B and see if it is. Looking at the Moss catalog it does appear to be quite different from the B side body molding.
G T Foster

It is quite different in section, much deeper. It is also made from thicker material, originally mild steel folded plate. The reproduction parts are made from extruded aluminium, which is much cheaper to manufacture.

The side strips on the MGBs would be too short, but maybe the same type strip from the sill of a 1970 on midget could be made to work (but would not clear the wing lower bolt heads). The problem is that these are polished stainless and difficult to paint. Some people leave these strips unpainted aluminium, but that adds emphasis to lower edge of the sill and in my opinion detracts from the aesthetics of the car.
Neil McGurk

I took a couple of photos of the remains of the strip on my 1500. They are steel, or more truthfully iron oxide, on the bottom is a shot of the CUT OUT to clear the bottom fender bolts and presumably to make the fixing tabs easier to slide in. Dimensions are on the card and at the top is the (pressed ) END PROFILE. I'll post again to show the detail of the cut outs at both ends of the strip. Barney's site makes mention of his inability to fit the strip over the bolts I'm guessing that the replacement strips are missing them.

A.M. Leyva

This photo shows the end details The one on the left is at the rear. Also present is one of the bolts that slide into the moulding to secure the strip to the body. No sign of the spring finger. I believe this is likely to be original to the car as the is still paint on the end of the bolt, making me think that the moulding was put on prior to body painting. As a last note the center moulding fixing appears to be welded in place, the other 4 bolts have slid free easily. It is possible that this was done to ease lining up the moulding, or it could it be rusted in place that firmly?
Hope this helps with your substitute MGB / Midget trim idea.

A.M. Leyva

I have decided that I like the look of screw heads along the bottom of my fenders just fine.

AJ Mail

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