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MG MGA - first test of newly installed wiring harness

Did initial test of my newly installed wiring harness. Using a 6-8 amp battery charger with a 30 amp inline fuse between charger lead and positive cable of car. Current draw from charger was about 1 amp. When switch was first turned on, I heard what I can best describe as a "whirring" sound from under the dash, about 2-3 seconds. It did not repeat. The blower motor is not yet installed. Any ideas as to what this was? Also, no ticking from the fuel pump. I have a solid state SU pump, is the battery charger insufficient to power this? All else seemed to be in order.

George G.

Was the noise your wipers self parking?

Malcolm Asquith

Malcom, that's an interesting thought. The wiper blades are not on yet, so I would have no visual indication of movement.
George G.

This thread was discussed between 12/07/2018 and 13/07/2018

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