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MG MGA - Fitting a brake Servo to an MGA

Is it possible to have a brake servo fitted to an MGA 1957 series 1? It has been fitted with front discs.

Martyn Begbey

Lots of options in MGAGuruís BT-201 onwards,
Bolney Coupe

Moss USA sells this one -

I don't know anyone who has tried it but saw it in their catalog.

JL Cheatham

I put mine under the righthand front wing behind the splash guard.Made a couple of mounting brackets which was was not a difficult job. Works well.
F Watson

Has anyone used a 12v vacuum pump rather than manifold vacuum.. A local twin cam owner has done this using a vacuum pump from a GM car, system also has a vacuum tank in the system to ensure pump doesnít run continuously.
Mike Ellsmore

A few of the blokes here with racing humpies with SUs on them run pumps and a tank
No vac anywhere else
William Revit

You can buy a servo unit from MGBHive, Lockheed look-alike but made in Taiwan, not China.

I put mine up behind the dash hidden in the radio space. You can make a vacuum tapping off the inlet manifold but I used an MGB inlet manifold on my 18V.
Bolney Coupe

Having refurbed my front discs and rear drums I feel no need for any servo!
Art Pearse

My brakes are don't have a servo, they are just std Lockheed front disc brakes and drum rears, the only upgrade I have made is to fit Mintex M1144 linings.

To be honest, they work so well that I have never considered fitting a servo, I can easily lock up the tyres if I push too hard.

IMHO, I have never felt that the brakes needed much more pedal pressure than my modern road car although that may be because I have become used to it after all these years.

I have nothing against modifying my car, I have done quite a few things to it which I think make it more fun to drive. I am actually in the process of fitting electric power steering to see if I like how it feels on the car. (If I don't like it, I will switch back to standard)
So I am all for doing bolt-on upgrades that I feel improve the car.

Maybe I should go for a drive in a servo'd MGA to see what difference it makes and if I like it, it may go on my To-Do list.

If you do fit a servo Martin, remember to let us all know what difference it makes.

Colyn Firth

I have a couple of comments.

Firstly the first MGA I drove in 1969 had a servo. I nearly put myself through the windscreen on an ordinary application, mind you I hadnít driven any thing else with a servo at that time.

Secondly a friend who has 3 MGAs covering all brake systems thinks that drums all round with a servo may be the best combination. Servo gives the power required while drums give smoothness.


Paul Dean

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