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MG MGA - Fitting indicators

Hi all,
This question concerns not the MGA but a newly acquired ZA Magnette. I'm posting it here if that's OK because I think this is the only forum in existence where you can get a swift and reliable reply! The car has trafficator arms and no flashing indicators so I'm thinking about the best way to fit some. I don't want to drill the body so considered this -

For the front, fitting headlamps incorporating sidelights and using the existing sidelight for the indicator.

For the rear, using Lucas reversing lamps under the bumper with amber bulbs (have done this on the MGA and it works well). Don't like those ones that stick up from the bumper on stalks.

Does anybody know where I can get decent quality headlamps with sidelights? I've read that the repro P700 type are of poor quality.

Or do you know a much better solution than the above?

Many thanks,
p parmenter

Surprised your MGA did not have rear indicators. Surely doesn't have trafficators?! Early MM type Minor uses headlamps with side lamps. Could be same size? Try Morris Minor club spares. If you have a problem send me email and I will try.
H L Davy

Hi Hugh,
Yes the MGA has indicators but it's a 1500 so they are the type that use the same bulb as the rear lights. The amber ones are extras to make it a bit more obvious.

p parmenter


Use standard MGB H4 units, the ones for a rubber bumper car are the same size / fitting and have a pilot side light

Alternatively if you are wanting to keep the front lighting much the same, you could just change the Magnette front sidelight fittings for a double filament bulb socket (these are available without the rest of the fitting) and fit one of the switchback LED bulbs that lights white but flashes amber.

For the rear of the Magnet do I recall correctly that there are only two round red fittings? If so why not use a twin filament bulb or red LED ending up with the same system as a 1500 A. If I recall correctly, the same 8 point flasher relay is used in the Magnette as in the A, so you could just copy the wiring from the A schematic.

dominic clancy

You are quite right, many modern drivers only recognize
yellow turn signals. I am using Hella headlamps with sidelights and then yellow bulbs within the front (white)indicators - period yellow at the rear. The lucas lights were fitted to everything and can be mounted in many different ways including the bracket that holds caravan light sockets.

Safety before originality !


Roger Walker

Thanks all,
Yes, I think I'll go for the H4 type headlights with the sidelight and use amber bulbs in the original side lights. It will all look fairly standard then and I won't need to drill any nasty holes.

All the best,
p parmenter

I remember seeing a car with trafficators where the bulb was on a flasher circuit!
Art Pearse

Art, you can get flashing bulbs now for trafficators. I have them on my Morris Minor and they mak the trafficator much, much more visable. Cheap and just a straight swap for the old bulb.

Neil MG

Now that is interesting Neil. For anyone who's got a car with trafficators see here -

I wonder how they work - no flasher unit required.
p parmenter

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