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MG MGA - Fitting Radio

Hi I wish to fit a modern radio to my MGA. I want to hide under passenger dash. The problem is that all modern audio's seem to be negative earth. Is it still possible to fit these to a positive earth car ?
D J Joy

Yes, but not a good idea as any bridge between the isolated radio and the car will be a short circuit.

The better idea is to change the polarity of the car, which is really easy to do.

But if you want a period radio that is dual polarity and modified to accept an external input (iPhone etc) I have one for sale.

Polarity change is easy to do and the instructions are
found here
dominic clancy

DJ, as an alternative, there is technology out there where you can use your smartphone or MP3 player, or leverage an existing radio with the use of a hidden Bluetooth device (it has dual polarity). I attached a link to one of the providers:

Vintage positive or dual ground radios are out there, and they do come up periodically on auctions sites. I actually have a Lucas dual polarity 8-track tape player in my A.

Nick Kopernik

I have been through this route, originally thinking of fitting a + earth radio. Then found the programmes may be limited so have gone now to - earth with 12v battery, alternator and my cd radio from my mgtf. All working good. I have also fitted an adaptor to the battery terminals which allows me to recharge/connect my phone or battery charger. You may wish to look into this option, always reversible.
Brian Paddon

This thread was discussed on 04/10/2016

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