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I have just bought a 1600 Mark 1 which is fitted with steel wheels. However, I would like to fit wires. I note that Moss do a conversion kit but it would appear that using this would result in the rear track being widened.
Is this case?

Could anyone please suggest the most appropriate route to take to fitting wires?

Looking forward to any advice and guidance that you may be able to give me please?

All the best


The kit will result in the rear wheels sitting about 1/2" outward each, if I remember correctly. The best way to do the conversion is to swap the entire rear axle, as the housings are about 1.5" shorter on wire wheel rear ends to account for the splined hubs sticking out farther. You can swap your diff assembly to the new axle but the spider gears will need to be retained because the half shafts have a different number of splines on them between bolt-on and splined hub type.
Steve Simmons


I did the conversion on my 1500, retaining the existing back axle. You and Steve are correct about the back wheels sitting slightly wider. This is what it looks like.


Steve Gyles

My Coupe was converted in 1994 using the Moss Hubs etc
I recently bought new wires and tyres and found SC parts offered a very good deal 4 Dunlop chrome wheels 60spoke with stainless spokes and Vredenstein 155x15 Classic tyres for around 800 all in including delivery and balancing
I have used them for the last two years and find them excellent- I prefer the look of the 155 although a lot of members use 185s.
P D Camp


Further to my last, this is the list of parts from my invoice that I used in my conversion using the standard 1500 axle.

Steve Gyles

The conversion half shafts are longer to match the difference in length between DW and WW axle housings. This will set the rear wheels 7/8 inch farther out on each side. This works with standard size tires, up to 165-80-15 just looks funny like the picture above.

This wide stance setup will NOT work with wider tires, as 185 or larger tires would rub on the fenders. If you ever want to run wider tires on wire wheels, you much change the rear axle to the narrower track original WW parts.
Barney Gaylord

Looking at my set up I would agree with your technical analysis Barney, but everyone to their own opinion on looks. I like the slightly wider appearance at the back. I guess it's a bit like white wall tyres; not everyone's cup of tea.


Steve Gyles

Once more thanks so much for all your help and guidance. I think that I will go down the SC route as suggested by Paul, and thanks also to Steve for fowarding me the parts list.




I am just finishing a wheel change using parts bought from SC. First time round they failed to send some parts as part of the package. To their credit, Monty did follow up with all the right parts and very promptly. Beware the large front bearings which say "gearbox middle" which are the same as the correct part but have a circlip which should not be there. Steve's list is almost exhaustive but there is also a 'grease retainer' for each of the front hubs. Good luck with it.

Now, Steve, don't go disparaging whitewall tires. Many MGAs came from the factory with them, including mine. It whitewalls were good enough for Messrs. Enever and Thornley...

David Breneman

Thanks guys I noted the advice given and have ordered a set of five chrome wires, fitted with radials (including balancing)from SC. This worked out to 240 each and included VAT and delivery. Moss had not got a complete kit available so SC came up trumps - they apparently supply Moss! Though I guess that a number of you may know that.

I'll recount my experiences and especially note Shane's comments in checking that eveything is there when the parts are delivered.



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