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MG MGA - Fixing header flange

My header has two good studs and one where the "ear" is broken off. Can this be welded using MIG (GMAW)? I don't have the missing piece, but I could use a bit of steel. Maybe just make one out of JB Weld? - probably too hot.

If not, I can just put a nut and washer on the back - I can pick up a bit of the remaining flange.
AJ Mail

You can MIG weld cast iron but the results are usually not very good. Here's an article from one who tried it and his results.
Welding with a high nickle content rod and a stick welder is the usual method along with preheating the area. If you live near a rural or farming area most of the welding shops in those locations could probably weld up the missing area and then all you'd have to do is grind it flat and clean it up.
Bill Young

I've done a few with exactly the same break. I don't really try to weld it in the common manner, but more like re-casting the broken spot. Heat with acetylene torch to make a puddle, rebuild it using any kind of wrought iron for filler. Let it air cool gradually. Grind back to final shape. Re-drill and tap the stud hole(s). If I ever do another one I'll get pictures. More info here:
Barney Gaylord


Read your writeup - thanks. What about using some copper as a "form" or pan to do the adding and melting in? Or do you just do it on another piece of steel plate?

AJ Mail

No "guides", I just build it up a glob at a time until it's larger than original, then grind it back to original size.
Barney Gaylord

A good welding shop should be able to repair it. A shop that does repair work on marine engines might be able to do it as well, I hear that cracked cast iron boat exhaust manifolds are common. In any case, the head side of the manifold should be well clamped down to a steel table to avoid warping. It takes a lot of heat to properly weld cast iron.
G Goeppner

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