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MG MGA - Flame Thrower not

So, went out to install my new Flame thrower distributor and it won't slide all the way on. Upon examination there is a thick o-ring in the shaft I can't get past. Put some light oil on it, nno good. The origninal distributor didn't have one in that spot. Cant get this shaft in far enough to try to align the dogs, What am I missing. Russell
R Egge

Early cars had O rings, later didn't, or maybe it's the other way round. Probably the latter, since emissions cars would suffer from air leaks into the engine. I suppose I could go out and look at some, but I'm too lazy! It doesn't seem to matter, so remove the ring.

Fletcher R Millmore

Installed a 123 dizzy into a 1275 midget and had the same problem. After an hour or more of trying to be a gentleman with it, I started putting real pressure on it (whole body surges) and suddenly it went. At the cost of several skinned and bloody knuckles.

Later removals and reinstalls were much easier but still required pressure.

Maybe it just needs to be "broken in" with that first big push.

JM Morris

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