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MG MGA - Flash to Pass and Dip Switch Relay

I have been having some problems with the foot dipswitch recently and most times when I press the dipswitch it just switches the lights off!

So today I finally decided it was time to fit the special combined dipswitch/flasher relay that Barney describes on his MGA Guru website which replaces the dipswitch with a simple flasher switch on the dashboard. It is a Volkswagen relay from the original Beetle I beleive but is still available new from them.
It has been on my workbench for quite some time now and the dip problem has just jumped it to the top of my To-Do list.

It works really well and it was pretty easy to fit too.

I mounted the relay on the dashboard-stay quite close to the steering column for ease of access.
Removing the dipswitch and its bracket was the most awkward job as its not so easy to squeeze my XL torso between the seat and the steering wheel.

I was pleased to find that the dipswitch wiring loom (3 wires) was plenty long enough to connect straight onto the new relay.
This left 2 more connections,one to earth through the new flasher switch on the dash and the other to the main 12 volt supply through a new in-line fuse.

My car has a Moto-Lita steering wheel fitted and its smaller diameter allowed me to fit the new switch into the hole usually filled by the indicator light.
This has made it within easy finger range of the steering wheel.
I moved the indicator light switch into the place usually taken by the instrument dimmer rheostat behind the steering wheel which is great as I can now actually see it working. (In its original place the Moto-Lita wheel rim completely obscured the lamp.)

I have moved the rheostat to a new position under the dashboard on a new bracket fixed to the dashboard stay. It is in easy reach to adjust when driving but to be honest, I havent adjusted it since I first set it 5 years ago.

So now I can flash the headlights when the lights are switched off which is something that I have always needed for my MGA.

Then, when the headlights are switched on, I can use the same switch to flip between dipped beams and main beams at the touch of a finger.

It is certainly much easier for me to operate than the foot switch as my size 12s tend to get jammed down behind the clutch pedal.
It also gives more space to rest my left foot whilst driving.

If you use the original full size steering wheel you may have to drill a new hole for the flasher switch as they did back in the 60s.

Fortunately I didnt have to drill any extra holes in my dash to do the conversion and so it can be reversed back to original state very easilly.

I took my own advice and connected a low output power supply to make sure everything worked safely before connecting the battery. (Learnt the hard way a few years ago!)

So thanks Barney, a great modification.



(will post some pics as soon as I get my camera back, son borrowed it at xmas!)
Colyn Firth

Look forward to the pictures!
N McGurk

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