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MG MGA - Flasher unit

A while ago I posted a thread about my indicators flashing slowly and with the help of suggestions I cleaned a number of points and got them a little better but not particularly good. This was over the winter and weather was damp and miserably. It's warm and dry now in the UK and the car's just back from its MOT having passed but with the warning that the flashers are now going too fast ( more that 1 flash per second). Is my car now taking the (.....)? All the indicators work and I assume that when a flasher goes too fast it can only be the unit and not other things. Its not a Lucas unit and has 46W SFB 105 Z stamped on it. It'll soon be time for the mystery rear wheel squeaks!
J H Cole

Another thing that influences the flash rate is the size (wattage) of the bulbs so check they are correct but also the voltage charging rate has a direct effect on flash rate

I think you also need to check the charging rate of your system to ensure you are not overcharging your battery. The result of which will eventually be a blown dynamo.
Bob Turbo Midget England

Anything less than 1 flash per second is too slow.

Legal requirement is 60-120 flashes/min.

MOT requirements
Geoff Ev

Bob, the bulbs are standard and I don't think there's any problems on the charging front. Have checked the flash rate when stationary with engine off with and its about 150+ flashes per minute, almost too fast to count.
J H Cole

That sounds like the flasher unit. I had exactly the same problem on my Mk2 Jaguar. I put the proper Lucas NOS flasher unit in and it slowed to a more appropriate rate.
Email me if you need a source
N McGurk

Thanks NM, there seems to be a lot of these on ebay so I'll try them first.
J H Cole

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