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MG MGA - Flasher Warning light - irregular blinking

Last night I installed a brand new flasher warning light which I had ordered. A fairly simple thing to do.

No the warning light works, HOWEVER, the following happens;

- When I turn it left, the warning light blinks with every flash of the blinker lights.

- When I turn it right, the warning light blinks ONCE, and then stops, however the blinker lights continue to operate as long as the signal lever is turned.
When I first turn it, it can hear the a relay click once and then stops.

Did any of you experience something like this?

I have been looking at Barney's page;

I assume all the relays are in the flasher unit, so if feasible I might take it apart and see where the problem lies.
It seems that the voltage being sent to the warning light decreases with each click. My guess is that there is only enough voltage to close it once and then as the voltage tails off, it is not enough to close it again. What is strange is that it only happens when 'turning right'. Another guess is those Diodes I can see on Barney's wiring diagram could be faulty?

BTW - When I got the warning light I got 3 jewels (red, green, blue), which color is the original?

Any help getting rid of the flasher critters will be appreciated.


G Ramos

This will be a poor earth or poor bullet connections in the live wires of the rh sidelight wiring. See if you rev up the flashing of the warning light gets better.
J H Cole

Originally the light jewel was green
Neil McGurk

Ok I will try that. I just tested the flasher with the engine off, so just off the battery.
G Ramos

I recently installed a new flasher unit that for some reason would not flash the dash indicator light.
Bought a new one from an auto parts store for $ 10. Problem solved. Spent 2 days chasing this gremlin. Who new parts would be the culprit. One tip. The new flasher units are for slip on connectors. Just drill the small hole on each terminal a little bigger and you can use your screw on type connectors. This way you don't have to mess with your existing wire harness. I bought a TRIDON Model EL13. I'm sure there are other compatible units.



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