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MG MGA - Flathead V8-60

I'm looking for a Ford V8-60 engine for a project. I have a complete MGA Goldseal 1500 for trade. Also a complete XPAG. Marv
Marvin Stuart


Check out and let the gus over there know what your doing. That is the site that tends to give the most of Conversion info. I am into GM V6 engines, others are in to BOP/R V8 and some Ford but the Flathead would make an interesting conversion. I think there might possibly be an article over there about a T series using a Flathead. I know at least one fellow who had a flathead in his MG TD locally.

BMC Brian McCullough

Brian, it will be going into a basket case '52 TD that I'm building. Got the idea from a May '56 issue of Hot Rod magazine. I've gotten a few leads on an engine but nothing for sure yet. Thanks for the info, Marv
Marvin Stuart

Cool! My uncle has a complete '39 Mercury that he has had sitting n the barn for 30-40 years bu he is not about to let that go. Have you considered the Merc for the extra power or are they getting too rare?

I think I know the series of books you have been reading/dreaming about speaking of TDs with Ford Flatheads!!

Please, post more on the British V8 board, this sounds like the type of project that would stir quiet a few guys up over there. Plenty of guys from the East coast on that board so maybe you could find something closer to you with more eyes looking.

BMC Brian McCullough

Marvin, Where in CT are you? I'd love to give a look as you progress. RIC

RIC, I'm in Preston, just off of Rt.2, east of Norwich. Marv
Marvin Stuart

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