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MG MGA - Float Chamber alignment

Recently noticed a severe hesitation when hitting 3500revs under load. Checked all usual problems timing etc all OK - Narrowed problem down to fuel supply. Both float chambers were receiving plenty of fuel so decided to check carb adjustment.When I loosend the connecting shaft between the carbs I found the rear carb would rev the engine right through the rev range however the front carb when opening the throttle would rev slightly then stall the engine.-obviously I had been running on basically one carb. On taking the carb off and checking everything I found the float chamber had become misaligned and was severely restricting the fuel into the carb on careful reasembling the problem was cured. My question is should the float chamber be able to become misaligned ? or am I missing something
P D Camp

The rubber grommets between float chamber and carb body can deteriorate from exposure to fuel in two years or less. Grommets and then swell or distort resulting in possible blockage of the flow path through the banjo bolt and/or external fuel leakage (and possibly misalignment of the float chamber). Solution is to replace the grommets. Moss Motors recently changed material to Viton for these parts, very much more resistant to modern fuel formula.
Barney Gaylord

Thanks Barney
I noticed the rubber grommets were slightly distorted and they had obviously caused a blockage. I managed to reposition them as a short term cure -but will take your advice and order a set for each carb
P D Camp

My set didn't have the correct washers on each side of the gromets. This allowed the float chambers to rotate, effectively lowering the float level causing a lean condition..Took quite a while to sort this one out.
D Sjostrom

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