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MG MGA - Flywheel Balance

I have had to replace the whole of the clutch assembly. Upon removeing the clutch outer I noticed that the spring assembly had 1-4 marked on the top marked in felt tip pen. I do remember that the engine and every thing were supposed to have been balanced. and I guess that the clutch and flywheel and crank were balanced as one unit. My question is do I need to remove the flywheel bolt on the clutch and have it balanced as one unit or do you think that it will be fine just putting it straight on. Surly no one would have botherd a few years ago in the every day world of M G motoring. your comment please.

David swaine

I've never read in any workshop manual that clutch covers should be balanced with their respective flywheels nor have ever had it done. Seems a bit OTT to me, but maybe there is a call for that kind of attention to detail in racing. I do however, always make sure that the 1/4 mark on the FLYWHEEL corresponds with the 1st and 4th throws on the crankshaft even though the necessity of that is called to question on this site. I'd say just fit it.
Lindsay Sampford

This thread was discussed on 07/06/2010

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