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MG MGA - Flywheel Lightening

Just got my engine back from the machine shop all clean, honed and balanced, ready for reassembly. I was thinking about getting the flywheel lightened.
How much weight can I have removed and from where. Any negatives to having this done?


B Suelzle

Changing the early 28 pound flywheel (full thickness all across) to later 20 pound spec (hollowed out in front side) is a gimme, and I like it. See here:

If you want much lighter than 20 pounds you should consider going aluminum, as the iron flywheel too thin may have durability problems.

14 pounds (or lighter) might be peachy for all out racing, but it can be a bear to drive on the street when you may kill the engine starting up from dead stop. That leaves some options open between 14-20 pounds.
Barney Gaylord

I too recommend a lightened flywheel. It makes the clutch a bit sharper (or a lot sharper of you lighten a lot more than the 20lbs), but it makes the engine much more responsive.
dominic clancy

Thanks Guys,
It sure is nice to have some solid information, much appreciated. Back to the machine shop I go....

B Suelzle

This thread was discussed on 03/12/2008

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