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MG MGA - Foot Pedals Spacing

As my restoration nears completion and I sit on the driver's side (carpet but no seats yet) I notice that my size 12's cover significant area on both accelerator and brake. Unless I modify the brake pedal this is going to be a problem.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what was your solution?
gerard hutchinson

Bend the pedals. I have size 45 feet (that's about 11W US), and I have increased the pedal spacing considerably to make life more comfortable. Just make sure that the clutch pedal (just) clears the dip switch, and set the brake pedal in the middle of the others. Heat cherry red and bend (you will need to do them off the car)

It's a bit of a fiddle getting the pedals in and out, but doesn't need wholesale dismantling, just the pivot bolt and the clevis pins.
dominic clancy

You might also look at driving shoes. I recall reading that Enzo Ferrari had no patience with people complaining that their street shoes didn't fit in their Ferraris!

k v morton

They can be bent without heat, just hold in a good vise and use a heavy adjusting tool.(hammer) Don't go to far at once, just a little at a time until you get the fit you want. I even added 2" to the pedals so my short wife could drive the car. I just move the seat and wheel slightly back and it's OK for me.

Ed Bell


My solution is to use only my toe of my (size 13) right foot on the gas pedal, and then brake with the ball of my foot. I can rotate across pedals leaving my heel in contact with the floor, which makes finding the tiny pedals more intuitive.

Good luck!

(fellow 'big foot')
rpb bunch

Bending the pedals was my first thought but I wanted to get confirmation. I will use the vice approach to get the bend I need.

Thanks again fellas!!
gerard hutchinson

Also size 13s and I drive with my toe, same way Rick describes. I also tend to wear what they call "skate shoes" when I drive, which gives me a good feel for the pedals.
Mark J Michalak

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