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MG MGA - Foot size and Headlight Dipper Switch

Advice hoof is an english size 10 and I have bought the worlds tightest and smallest shoe but I still have problems getting the hoof on the switch...Is there any adjustment I can make to increase the clearance behind the pedal..or ?????
n ferguson

I have heard of people bending the pedals to custom fit their feet. This would not be a terrible difficult project. Give it a thought and have a good day!

John Progess

Relocate the dipper switch? Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Hi you could always customize your foot

g c pugh

Gordon...brilliant idea...and I can keep the car layout as per original ...thought about amputating the foot and when driving fitting a socket on the stump with a smaller socket to just fit around the dipper cylinder and btween the pedals.
n ferguson

Leave the switch where it is (for looks), and add a flip switch under the dash.

Hope this helped:Cliff

Neil - Just a thought, would the early TD horn push/dipper switch fit on the MGA? If so, you wouldn't need worry about getting your foot on the dip switch (if it is anything like the dip switch on the late TD and TF, it is located in a ridiculous position anyway. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

Hi Neil, sounds like a plan, I take it you must have a 1600 I found it impossible on my 1600 but not a problem on the 1500 , I think they were mounted in different places, you must remember that people were much smaller in the olden days lol

g c pugh

David..thanks for your idea...much better than body mutilation in order to keep the car original. I went sniffing for solutions and have just bought a 4 terminal switch from Holden of Uk. ..part no. 020147 on their website. It is 50 mm long and I am going to fit it through the Fog light socket on the panel ( a pull switch is there but I have no such lights ) is reachable from the steering wheel with my left hand so will transfer the existing switch functions to this and be able to control light easily . The switch looks similar to the one fitted to some MGAs shipped to US and called " headlamp flash switch' I believe .
n ferguson

Simple answer. Just stick to day driving.

Steve Gyles

The dip switch location on the 1500 and 1600 are different, you might try sitting in an other car to see if one location is better for you than the other.
David werblow

David..I have the rhd model 1600 and there is nowhere to go ..down below the foot switch is a bulge from the engine compartment so not possible to go lower or sideways. I note on the lhd models that you have a few more options....
So I am off to the panel with this switch and the Holden switch ( see above )looks a reasonable neat solution.
n ferguson

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