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MG MGA - For sale 1500 B series Engine

I was flicking throught the classic motor monthly and saw this Advert B series 1600 with rev counter take off working condition 45.

Although I already have a spare one I do not need another but I could not resist phoning the number. Upon talking to the seller it is definitly a B series and definitly has a rev counter take of but it has 1500 cast into the block.

I told him I would ask if the early MGAs had 1500 on the casting and see if it was any good to you out there in MGA land. I am sure the inturnals are the same and without to much trouble the 1500 could be made to look like a 1600. Any way its in Gloster and its got to be worth 45 of anyones money. As I said I dont want it but if you do or know some one who would like it reply and I will contact you with the phone mumber.

David swaine

B Series engine for
David swaine

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