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MG MGA - FORD gearbox ID

Hi y'all,
I have a five speed FORD gearbox, which is supposed to be a Sierra type T9. When I try to fit the bell housing from Hi-Gear engineering it does not fit because this box seems to have an extra plate fitted to the front of the box below the input shaft. I have attached a photo of the box and you can see the plate fitted with 3 blue coloured bolts.
Can anyone identify this gearbox, and has anyone had a problem such as this? Also, does anyone know what is under this plate? (I have not been able to remove it.)
I expect I will have to machine the back of the bell housing to clear this plate, if I use this gear box.
Thanks, Peter.

P. Tilbury

Should have quoted the numbers on the box:
FORD 62040, 839T-7211-CB, S/N HM678972.
Cheers, Peter.
P. Tilbury

I would contact Peter Gamble at Hi-Gear. He is very knowledable as he is the one who designed this set-up and knows it well. His number should be in the archives or his e-mail.

I had the same,u have to machine the bell housing to suit will send u a photo when I find it
t burnett

Attached is a picture of the front of the Type 9 I got from Peter Gamble. It does not have the small plate below the input shaft but rather a plugged hole. It is best to check with Peter Gamble on the proper way to handle your gearbox.


Jim Ferguson

Peter Gamble at Hi-Gear confirms the Merkur box (North America) front plate and input (primary) shaft are different from the Sierra box (UK)- the additional plate on the front over the lay shaft, and input shaft length 195 mm, about 20 mm (3/4") longer on the Merkur box. Ratios are also slightly different. He also suggests the Granada box (European) is like the Merkur box.
Solution seems to be that the supplied bell housing rear face is to be machined to clear the plate, and the input shaft has to be shortened, including grinding of the splines, to utilise the 5 speed kit from H-G.
I am checking measurements to determine that removal of the shaft from the gear box for grinding is necessary.
Many thanks Trevor for the photos of your South African Sierra box.
P. Tilbury

South African Sierra g/box input shaft is approx. 175mm in length .
t burnett

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