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MG MGA - Found Big Healey Body, What to do what to do!

Just recently found a complete Healey body in a warehouse. The poor thing was stripped, but the whole body shell is there including all the body parts, fenders, bonnet, boot, doors, etc... It looks like an early 100-4 with the early trapezoid grille. I had to save it from going to the scrapyard, but maybe I can find a decent chassis to put it back on as it is relatively rust free! Does anyone have a rolling chassis anywhere? Last week I picked up a 1959 MGA, and currently restoring a 1951 TD, but it's so hard to say no to another car. I think I need help...
S.D.G. Stephan

Put it on a monster truck chassis.
Fred H

I'm sure if you posted this on one of the forums that more Healey folks visited you'd find someone that had a chassis in need of a body. If not then I'm sure that there are engine conversion fans that would love to build a new chassis for that body and go from there. Try posting on the British V8 Newsletter forum at or the British Car Forum at I'll bet you get some hits in a matter of minutes.
Bill Young

I thought that all of the Big Healeys were unit construction, and if that is true the components needed would be suspension, drive line, weather equipment, etc.
James Johanski

James, you are right, they are monocoque construction by the looks of it.
Lindsay Sampford

Not quite. Healeys are a peculiar hybrid, with both the body and frame being independent self supporting units - but they are welded together, forming a sort of semi monocoque. All of which results in a structure that is heavier than need be but stiffer and quieter than if it were bolted together. Fun to fix too! People used to cut the body off and fit fiberglass aftermarket things in it's place - rarely an improvement, since the results were always floppy. Same for MGA frames where the firewall "goal post" bits get chopped out.
A question would be, does it have the frame rails and crossmembers attached or no? If so, it's a really good start on a great car. Even if not, it's a treasure, body panels costing what they do. There is an outfit that makes new frames for Healeys.

FR Millmore

A number of places supply Healey chassis. is one.

Their V-12 looks interesting
John DeWolf

So I went ahead today to pick up some of the parts of the car. All that's really left of the car is the shell. The chassis is nowhere to be found, since the body seem to have been cut off completely away from the structure. Someone welded the front wings to the shroud after cutting the rear part of them so as the make an "E-type" style bonnet. Since the car has no paperwork, I'll most likely sell it off as parts, although I am still tempted to put it on a "Jap car" chassis and drivetrain. But is it worth that much work? Some of the interesting bits were a good original grille and a hardtop, its a strange example that I haven't seen before as it has two bulges over where the occupants head go. Does anyone know of the different Healey hardtop examples? If anyone is interested I would like to sell the package. Only catch is I am in Hawaii... I'm posting this here on the MG website mainly because it seems to be the only active forum.
S.D.G. Stephan

Search the remaining bits for any trace of a body serial number just to see if you can trace it's history. It's not likely it's a well known competition car, but you never know and if it was that alone might give the remains some additional value. If not it sounds like a good candidate for and engine swap. Is it worth the work? That's a tough call, but if you are a died in the wool hot rodder having a modified big Healey is almost like the holy grail. I'd love to build it, but already have more projects than I can manage. Even if the car's in Hawaii, post it on the British V8 Newsletter Forum, I'm sure you'll get a hit from there, and while you're there check out the photo section on the Healeys, you might get some ideas of your own and move over to the "dark side". LOL
Bill Young

Are you certain it IS a Healey?
Or that it is a common variety of one?
There are other much rarer items that might look 100-4 Healey-ish, especially dismantled.

Welding the fenders to the shroud would only be possible if they were the same material; most Healeys had steel fenders and aluminum shrouds. Aluminum fenders would be very rare items and probably of some value even damaged.

The top sounds most interesting.

It sounds like you feel this is sufficiently "present" to be used as a body, so how much of the inner structure is there?

Most "Jap cars" don't have separate chassis; might need to use a truck, sorta like a Healey!

The body as you describe wouldn't need documents, since it's not a car.

Can you put some pics someplace?

I was going to offer you a rear axle assembly, but thought it would be too much to ship to Florida. Now it seems your sign-in is a misdirection - It's a long way from Florida to Hawaii!

FR Millmore

what to do is post some piks this thread is worthless without pictures

Karl LaFollette

oops nice cars wheres the pik of the healey ?

Karl LaFollette

Hello again, So I just brought home some of the pieces of the car. I'm sure it's Healey from all the parts that are there... alas it's not a rarer car but still they only made I think 13000 or so Healey 100-4. My sign-in still says I live in Florida because it dates back to when I lived there before moving to Hawaii a couple years ago. But anyhow, I managed to take a couple pictures in the warehouse despite the conditions, the bigger part is still cornered between so broken down old cement trucks. Also is a picture of the front clip which I brought home along with the fenders and hardtop. Thanks again to everyone for taking interest in this, it is very helpful. Cheers!

S.D.G. Stephan

And the Side in the warehouse.

S.D.G. Stephan

And some of the back view as found.

S.D.G. Stephan

Looks like some abandoned hot rod project. Definitely worth saving and someone will be very glad you went to the trouble. Thanks for the photos.
Bill Young

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