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MG MGA - Four post lift

Just finished installing an old four post (MOT style) lift I was given. What an asset! Just been checking the MGA ready for it's MOT, so easy.

Following a recent thread on brake fluid, I decided to bleed the brakes/clutch, just pass some fluid through each nipple to check no air contamination etc. I changed this car to silicon a couple of years ago so just wanted to see. For reference; the colour was still (very) purple, there was no air/water or bits of rubber or other contaminants apparent. The pedal may feel a little higher, but I think that's psychological.

Anyway with my new toy it was a simple fifteen minute job. One thing though using the eezibleed I am glad it was silicon fluid, seems to get everywhere!
Neil McGurk

Neil, I have been using silicon brake fuild in my 62 A for over fifteen years and have always been glad that I made the switch especially when I spill it. On thing though, you should still bleed the system every year or so. Although silicon fuild does not absorb water, H2O can be trapped in the lower points of the system and bleeding the system will purge it. Trapped water reduces the effectiveness of the fuild.
Keith Lowman

For anyone in the London area wanting to use a lift, this has just opened . The 10 per hour includes tools


The first time I used Eezibleed I removed the cap off the MC before I disconnected the air connector from the tyre. I blasted fluid all over the firewall shelf. As you say, glad it was silicon.

Envious of your lift. It's either that, a pit or a supercharger on my Xmas list. I doubt her indoors will oblige!

Steve Gyles

Hi Keith good to see you on here.How are you and yours?
gary starr


If there is a decision between pit and lift, if you have the headroom it's a no brainer. I plan to put a new two post lift in the workshop (having filled in the pit, both there and in the barn where I have the four post).

I guess it's a couple of grand for either a good lift or a supercharger. Or both for less than the cost of an expensive new kitchen! Can be described as "engine part and installation tools" on the Xmas list!

However, you could get an older 3 phase like I have, they seem to go pretty cheap (or free to a good home, including delivery, in my case). Mine is a 1986 Bradbury 3 ton series 40. They are straightforward to install (but heavy!) and it's simple to change to single phase and operate from a standad 13 amp socket.

A friend came up on Friday to change the oil and filter on his 1965 Daimler, so quick and easy - even with a seperate cartridge filter, with the ramp.
Neil McGurk

I wish we had a 'Pit Start' here in the States.

Does anyone have recommendations for a 4-Lift Post company in the US? I am currently looking at bendpak.


How did you change to single phase operation Neil?

The ones I have converted we have used an inverter to do the job. Whilst it is reletively easy for a competent person, it is far from straightforward and does cost a few bob.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Not knowing right off what type of control system you have, you can usually change the motors and controls relatively cheaply on any industrial equipment.
Mike Parker

That's right, simply swap over the motor (much cheaper than an inverter) and stick a relay in place of the three phase contactor, to protect the switching circuit.
Neil McGurk

Oh yes and if anyone is interested I have a 1.5kW, B4 flange mount, 80 frame, 3 phase motor going cheap!
Neil McGurk

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