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MG MGA - Free 1500 Engine on Craig's List

On Craig's list in northern KY (Cincinnati Craig's) there is an ad for a 1500 engine. No head is in the photo, but the price is right at $0.

C R Huff

I've just c&p'd the link, as it wouldn't 'click'.

It gave me what looks like an 18v MGB engine at $150
Dave O'Neill 2

Sorry Dave. I had sent the MGB engine ad to a friend that was looking for one of them. Sometimes when I copy and paste, it doesn't take the new copy and instead pastes what I had copied earlier. I don't know why the click on didn't work since I removed the "s" from the http. I'll try again. See if this works.


edit: I just tried the click on, and it didn't work for me either. I don't know what is wrong, but try to copy and paste or go to the Cinn Craig's list and search for MG.
C R Huff

Gene Gillam

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