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MG MGA - Free Superchargers

But only for Tesla owners

Sorry Colyn, I couldn't resist, but the upside is you could win a Tesla.....

I do however know of two MGA Judsons for sale if anyone is looking
dominic clancy

Nice one Dominic,
we will now just have to see if my theory
that my car suddenly seems to be developing all of the faults that are posted on this forum is proven! (see Steve Gyles Fuel tank post)

I may well now have to vastly enlarge the size of my letter box just to make sure that, when the postman calls, it is big enough for the free supercharger to be pushed through! :-)

Well, a man can dream!


c firth


i have often wondered about pursuing one of your Judson for sale contacts. It just concerns me that they look that little bit more complicated/fiddlesome than the Moss M45 version and that some of the parts are difficult to source. As an expert I am sure you will tell me that they are a straight forward bit of kit?

What's the going rate for a complete and fully functioning Judson?

Steve Gyles


One is a standard complete kit. AFAIK it needs a restoration, but that is something you are more than capable of doing. This one is in Oz and currently belongs to Dave Godwin of intergalactic MGA renown. I will see Dave on Monday night and can ask him what he wants for it. There may even be some huge celebrity value in having a part that was once mounted on his car!

The other is one of my three HIF 44 conversions, which is here in Switzerland. It has an oiler, not the MGA Judson one, but a canister that sits in front of the heater. It does also have the original Holley carb and manifold as well. I think this will be around
dominic clancy

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