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MG MGA - Fresh air intake X flow

Had no luck contacting David Speak. I have a car with Xflow head and I have rerouted the air intake trunking to come in from the LH side of the grille to the heater intake on the right but it's a poor job because the hose is kinked where I had to bend it round and runs partly across the rocker cover. It looks as if David's hose makes two 90 degree turns and I wonder how he did this. I have not found plumbing elbows for instance that make a neat job. (Of course if I could find - and afford - a twin cam heater box that would suit but that's unlikely.) Anyone got any ideas?
H L Davy

Photos would help...hard to visualize without a point of reference.
Gene Gillam

D Rawlins


Does this help?


M Wellard

Mark that is what I would like but you have a heater box like a twin cam with the air intake on the left and that's what I can't find. Gene I will try to upload photo. I now have phone no. for David Speak and hope to contact him soon.
H L Davy

Have you considered R&R the heater box tube 180 degrees? (with a bit of fiddlin' for cable connexion).
D Smith

How about adapting a heater box from a 1500 midget?
Neil MG

my heater box came from a Triumph Herald. If you have a pushrod heater, you could turn it 180, drill holes for the water inlets on the new front. Grommets would seal the old holes and be out of sight. The head came originally with an aluminium mounting block for the valve so that it could be mounted anywhere.

M Wellard

My thoughts too Mark
gary starr

Turning a standar heater box 180 degrees still leaves a problem with the angle of the intake mount pointing at the middle of engine bay. Turning this itself upside down would mean having to dismantle and rework the air inlet valve to work correctly.
dominic clancy

Got David Spek who kindly gave me a lot of interesting info. He used hose from Rally Design which I will get after.
Gary from Queensland asked earlier about the wheels
these are 5 1/2 in wheels from MGC wheels.
H L Davy

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