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MG MGA - Frogeye versus MGA

Hi Guys

I've owned a Frogeye for 6 six years and have thoroughly enjoyed it but fancy a change for an MGA. I've always liked them and I think its the best looking MG apart perhaps from triple M's and T types which I can't afford!! How do you think the MGA compares with the Sprite and what do you think is the best model to go for?

John Stephens

Hi John - I've owned seven Spridgets (including 3 Frogs) but still have the MGA I bought 35 years ago. Frankly most A's by now will be on a replacement engine,the 1500's a bit slow but a 3 bearing B goes pretty much straight in (retain the A backplate and starter motor). I think the 1600 has the nicest look with the rear light plinth and 'proper' grill but all the parts are essentially interchangable. Not much point in mentioning the Twincam unless you're rich. Really nice car to drive - much tauter than a B (I've had a few of those as well!) but nowhere near as 'chuckable' as a Sprout. Coupes are much cheaper than roadsters and get extremely warm in the summer. Curiously I'm back in the market for a Frog if you want to sell yours.
All the best
A S Duff

We have not heard from Gordon Pugh recently. He sold his MGA and bought a Frogeye Sprite. He sold it within a few a weeks and bought another MGA. He did not get on with it. Perhaps he will post a comment.

Steve Gyles

I am lucky to have both, and can honestly say I love them both (my wife still thinks I am trying to sell one, shhhh!).
My A is in very much better condition than my frog, so it's not fair to compare. But I am sure you won't be disappointed as they are both great fun. I do find the frog lighter to drive, especially around town, but prefer the A on longer journeys. Of course just my personal preference.
I went for the 1600 Mk2, which comes with disc brakes as standard, although I know some people dont like its grill design.
Graham M V

I've got both, John, and they get used pretty equally (when they're both on the road).

The frog's more fun to drive, because everything's so immediate and precise, and my wife has found the MGA too heavy for town driving and autotesting.

But we've done our summer tours in both (about 1000-1500 miles, staying in B+Bs for a week) and there's no doubt the MGA leaves you more relaxed before dinner; 150 or so miles in the Frog demands more attention, and can be a bit frantic when you hit the bigger roads.

I like autotesting the MGA, because the LWB class doesn't include the 'professionals', but my arms ache at the end of the day.

I'd go for a 1600. The MkII isn't quite so pretty IMHO, but the extra 34cc adds a disproportionate amount of bhp, I believe. I run a 3.7 MGB diff, because I like to cruise, and there's plenty enough torque to get me off the line.

Lastly, it's the best-looking MG by far. Good luck looking.


Thanks guys for all your thoughts advice etc..

Andy.....It will be for sale if I make my mind up to go for the MGA. Email me if you want some photos etc etc..

Nick/Graham....My wife and I have just driven over 200 miles today journeying to, around, and back from the Lake District. We feel pretty tired and are suffering with severely aching backs!! Would you say the 'A' is softer at the rear and generally more comfortable than the Frog? Must be my age but I think I'm ready to trade fantastic handling in the sprite for some comfort. lol

John Stephens

There are many cases of TB as a result of long MGA drives... tired bottoms that is.
David Holmes

John - I would say yes it is. Quarter-elliptics can be a bit choppy, plus I find the MGA seats better for my back. And the longer wheel base means greater stability in a straight line, where at high speed in the Frog I need to steer all the time.

The important elbow room in the driver's door is still available (unless you buy a Coupe), and I love the left elbow rest on the tunnel.

One thing I do miss, though, is space behind the seats for the necessities of long drives. And we find a boot rack essential.

I used to have a couple of Frogeyes but 20 years ago uprated to a MK111 midget. I also fished rebuilding my MGA some 7 or 8 years ago.

I love the look of the frogeye but the MK111 Midget was just a far better car. The soft top was far better, the car had a good sized boot, and the 1275 engine was a great upgrade.

My wife and I went touring each year into Europe with the Midget until we got the MGA on the road. The MGA is by far a better touring car, although space in the MGA is not as good as the Midget (surprisingly) So for the past 7/8 years the MGA is the car that we have used for all our european touring.

So what about the Midget, well it has become my toy and I just go from one enhancement to the next and just love driving the car around Britain.

As usual both cars have benefits and drawbacks and it depends on what purpose you need a car. Having both is the perfect solution. That said My wife originally complained about our MGA. The original seats were oo hard and the passenger tended to slide around on top of the seat, unlike the Midget which you tend o sink into and hold you firm. I solved this by removing the MGA seats and replacing them with some classic buckets. :-)
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

I agree with much of what has been said. My wife will not go in the frog for longer journeys but the MGA is very much more comfortable. But as I said, the frog is great fun for short journeys.
I note what Bob says, but of course he is comparing to the Mk3 Midge and not the Frog.
Why not take one for a good test drive? I see you have a large dealer in Darlington ( that seems to have a few in stock

Graham M V

Mr Duff, I have a 1959 Bugeye which I need to sell as I just ourchase a 57 MGA. Email me if interested and I will forward photos and details.

NK Nance

Hi to NK Nance - thanks for the offer but Wisconsin is along way from the leafy suburbs of Surrey and I can't imagine ever buying a car on the strength of photos (I know plenty who do but it goes against the grain).
A S Duff

John, If you fancy a TD, here in the
States they can be had for roughly the same price as an MGA. I would think that with the strength of the pound vs the dollar, it could even make sense to have it shipped. This would mean, of course, that you would have to get used to left hand drive. We have been driving TCs with the wheel on the wrong side (for us), and it's not a big deal! There are some very reputable dealers that would handle the whole transaction, if you are not comfortable dealing privately.
Steven Tobias

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