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MG MGA - Front Bearing Retainer Nut

Can someone please tell me what size socket is required to remove the front hub bearing retainer nut? I realize there in a cotter pin that needs to be removes first. This is on a 1958 MGA w/drum brakes
F Valenzano

Don't know, but it is easy to take a piece of card and scissors, cut and trim an opening to fit across the flats, then use a ruler!
Art Pearse


it's octagon, 49.8 millimeter (sorry)


That will be 2 inches then Siggi. Must admit I can not remember.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Thanks Art, I guess a paper template to size the nut will work. I dont have a socket large enough, so I will need to purchase one. That's why I was hoping someone had the exact size.

And Siggi the exact conversion of 49.8 mm to inches puts the size at 1.96062" but I suppose that really equates to a 2" socket.
F Valenzano

are you sure that is the FRONT retaing nut. It more seems like the big one athat holds the rear hub.

Sven who doesn't own a MGA
SO Sven

Siggi, it cannot be so big! You must be looking at the rear nut which is octagonal and 1-61/64 on the flats.
Closer to 1-1/8 if I scale it from the WS manual picture, using 10" drum dia.
Art Pearse

1 1/8" socket is correct, I just checked on a disk wheel car. I believe WW is the same.
John DeWolf

Thanks all....1 1/8" is the correct size for the front bearing retainer nut.

F Valenzano

Remember that the nut on the left side is left hand thread. Turn clockwise to undo.

M F Anderson


Thanks for the reminder. I do have to remind myself about that. And lord knows there is already enough torque on that nut without adding any by cranking the wrong way.

F Valenzano

sorry, checked the rear....


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