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MG MGA - Front brake pipe

It seems I have about 12" of extra brake pipe for the front left. (Moss P/N 181-190, MGA 1600). What to do? Put a loop or two somewhere?

Art Pearse

Routing along the X member

Art Pearse

And from the 4 way. LH pipe is from the LH port

Art Pearse

Appropriately, cut off the excess length and re-flare the pipe.
Barney Gaylord


You have managed to inadvertently find the solution to different issue. I had been wondering if the 1600 front left brake pipe would be long enough to be used for a 1500 brake conversion. It appears that there is just enough extra leagth to loop the pipe over and down for the 1500 disk brake conversion.

I had ended up making up my own lines. None the less had some difficulty making decent bubble flairs with the cheap flair tool I purchased. It would have been much easier with lines that had the flairs and fittings.


I would not make a loop in the brake pipe to use up the extra length.
This could become an air trap and make bleeding using the pedal depressing method very difficult.
Pressure bleeding would be OK.

M F Anderson

I bought the ready made pipe b/c I am useless at making flares, esp. bubbles. I will see how I can use up the extra. Mick, I don't think it will affect bleeding, the bore is so small. Besides there are loops in some lines anyway.
Art Pearse


Art Pearse

Moss 181-190 is for a TR3. Are you sure you have the right part, or is the Part number you quoted wrong. What is the material?
John DeWolf

Excerpt from the Moss 2008 catalogue which I down loaded. P/N 21, 180-190 is for the L/F brake for 1600.
But you are right! This P/N is now listed for the TR3 and a new P/N 180-191 is for what I need!!

I think I should ask Jeff Zorn for a freebie. Thanks for picking up on that.
Incidentally I found I had ordered another the same as I forgot I had ordered the first.

19 181-070 $25.10 PIPE, 3-way to L/R cyl., disc 1500 to (c)27988 1
181-180 $22.60 PIPE, 3-way to L/R cyl., disc from 1500 (c)27989 1
181-185 $22.60 PIPE, 3-way to L/R cyl., wire 1500 to (c)28539 1
181-170 $23.75 PIPE, 3-way to L/R cyl., wire from 1500 (c)28540 1
20 181-230 $19.60 PIPE, 4-way to R/F hose 1500 1
181-160 $19.95 PIPE, 4-way to R/F hose 1600 & MKII 1
21 181-240 $24.95 PIPE, 4-way to L/F hose 1500 1
181-190 $23.75 PIPE, 4-way to L/F hose 1600 & MKII 1
22 181-900 $3.60 STRAP, pipe to axle 1
Art Pearse

John, material is copper.
Art Pearse

Is copper permitted in Ontario? I had a job here getting approval for even CuproNickel. I had to get the approval of an automotive engineer who the local authorities use to review home-builts and hot rods.
John DeWolf

John, as far as I know, I only have to take it to a garage that issues safety certificates when I get it plated. I don't anticipate anyone asking such questions. (If they do, I'll take it elsewhere)
I also don't see a problem with copper. At least it won't corrode and it is under very low stress.
I'm assuming it is copper, because of the colour and the fact it bends easily.
Art Pearse

I read the stencilling - it is CN102 which is basically 90/10 cupronickel
Art Pearse

That should be OK.
John DeWolf

I've decided to get the right pipe.
Art Pearse

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