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MG MGA - Front caliper piston problem solved

Some time back, after rebuilding the calipers, I brought up a problem here with the caliper pistons not retracting after braking; ie: they would continue applying pressure onto the disks. Anyway, for those of you curious, the problem was solved in an unorthodox way. The car was simply driven in that condition for short distances, not enough to overheat the components; a mile here, a mile there, get out, feel for any excess heat, drive it home. Do it again on the following days, and the problem simply went away. The brakes are now operating normally like they should. Not my idea of a particularly proper procedure, but to be honest, it came out of a "to hell with it" attitude that came out of trying everything else I could think of.
So, if you wind up having the same problem and you're getting nowhere, give it a try..
Rick deOlazarra

This thread was discussed on 26/02/2014

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