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MG MGA - Front calipers - dot 3 to dot 5

I've 1960 1600 and have replaced the hydraulic system except for the front calipers and will be changing over to silicon fluid. I'm wondering if there's a more thorough/better way of purging what's left of the old dot 3 fluid in the calipers (a lot of it was drained out while installing new brake hoses), other than just pumping the new fluid through them (as in bleeding the brakes). Will what's left of the dot 3 fluid, regardless of how little, undermine the process? On the one hand, I'm borderline obsessive about cleaning out all of what's left of the old fluid, but on the other lazy and don't relish removing the calipers, taking them apart, cleaning, etc. Any thoughts?
Rick deOlazarra

I would suggest replacing the caliper seals. I assume you have replaced all the other rubber parts?

Yes it can be a bit of a chore, but look at it this way: if the pistons come out easily (they should just slide out with a hint of compressed air) then it's no big deal. If they don't slide out easily then you have a problem that needs to be sorted anyway!

I do however accept that calipers rarely leak and the chances are you could be good for another 20 years or so just by bleeding through with silicon fluid. "So punk, do you feel lucky?"
N McGurk

I agree with Neil. Replace every seal in the entire system, including the clutch, that has been in contact with the Dot 3. Also, all piping that has previously held the Dot 3 must be flushed through with something like acetone (there are others). The 2 types of fluid do not mix and failure to flush through is the major source of subsequent hydraulic issues and is probably the cause of all the bad press attributed to silicon fluid.

Steve Gyles

I ordered new seals. Thanks for the feedback; you're right, of course, lazy has a chance of biting back. Everything else; wheel cylinders, hoses, pipes, clutch slave, master cylinder, all new. Might as well go the extra mile. Besides, I'm not sure whether or not Clint Eastwood's .44 Magnum still has a round left in it... :)
Rick deOlazarra

This thread was discussed on 04/01/2013

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