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MG MGA - front calliper mounting studs

I am doing a BIG favour for a friend and am reassembling a midget Heritage project that has been sitting unloved and untouched for the last 15 years. Today we put it on the ground on all four wheels for the first time in 16 years!

Bit by bit I am working through the boxes and assembling everything, but today discovered that the front calliper mounting studs are missing, and apparently NLA.

Can anyone tell me what is the thread of the MGA calliper mounting studs, because I suspect that these are basically the same, but a little longer, so I could cut them down. Importantly these ARE available (it's actually amazing that there are many more parts unavailable for the Midget than the MGA!)
Dominic Clancy

7/16 NF
I know cos I cross threaded one and had to have it helicoiled!
Art Pearse

We are talking the bolts that fix the calipers to the plates? (not studs)
Art Pearse

The studs that fix the calliper to the bracket that mounts to the stub axle : 139 in the picture

Dominic Clancy

OK, studs they are, sort of.
Art Pearse

Here's a picture of the car on wheels and a little collateral celebration

Dominic Clancy

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