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MG MGA - Front Carb Smoking

After a 30 minute drive I opened the bonnet to find a light amount of white smoke coming from the front carb. NO unusal heat, no leaks and most importantly NO FLAMES!!, could this be back presure from the breather tube?

L Caya

If I saw white smoke coming from the carb I'd be concerned about either a head gasket or cracked head. It's likely to be water vapor. You might want to do a compression check or run the engine with the radiator cap off and check for bubbles.
Hope I'm wrong.
G T Foster

The front carb has the emissions tube from the rocker cover attached to it so it sounds like blow back from the crankcase breather. Have you checked that it isn't blocked.
Cam Cunningham

Thanks for the input Gerry and Cam. Think I will pull the emissions tube off the carb and see if the smoke stops. With any luck it will.

L Caya

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