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MG MGA - Front drum brake cylinders

I have some new front drum brake cylinders, GWC110Z and GWC111Z, made in Italy. These are replacements for the original Lockheed 35000 and 35001.

I would not like to open them to have a look, but remember to have read somewhere that internally these are different from the originals. They do not have cup seals like the original cylinders, the main seal is a kind of ring that is attached directly to the piston. If I remember correctly.

Does anyone know if this is right, and if these modern replacements are any good? Or perhaps better than the originals, if this kind of seal is a more modern technology?


I have had those type aftermarket cylinders on my car. I replaced all the seals with a switch to silicone fluid but no problems at all. The rebuild kits are available from Scarborough Faire just be sure to tell Cecelia what kind of cylinders you have.

Take them apart to be sure what you have. I can't comment on which design is better. Both seem to work equally well.

Jim Ferguson

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