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MG MGA - Front extension dimensions

I've read all the archive material on this subject and have yet to find the dimensions anywhere. I get how they will vary a bit but guidelines might be useful until final tweak happens. Any new information on this subject?

Randy Myers
'59 roadster, coupe
Randy Myers

Hi Randy,

"Metal Micky" makes them, so presumably he has dimensions.

Mark Hester

What dimensions do you need Randy? I have a front extension off the car.
Art Pearse

Thanks Mark, I'll email Mick and see what he can offer.

Art - I'm looking for a dimensioned drawing of the front extension similar to the dimensioned frame drawing that a frame straightener would use to reshape a damaged extension. Mine looks like the PO took it off and ran it over a few times. I have more time than money(as many home builders do these days)so I would like to tackle it myself rather than buy a new one.

Thanks for your help.

Randy Myers
Randy Myers

Randy, if you get the dimensions you're looking for I'd like a copy as well. My front extension isn't in real bad shape, but it does need some repair. Also, I'm sure we could get Barney to add that information to his website. Thanks!

G Goeppner

I had one where the center tube was really damaged. I cut out the damaged tube. The two side pieces can then to straightened on an anvil with a hammer. The guide can then be cut off the tube and be straightened. With both side pieces straight mount them on the car and bend to fit. Now you get all the holes to line up including through the valance. Now you need help with the center tube. I got a muffler shop with a tubing bender duplicate the bends. now fit it all together on the car. The ends of the tube need to be angled to take the end plates. Tack weld together on the car. That way you know all YOUR parts fit. Take it off and weld it all back together.
Did not need or use any dimensioned drawing. Just make it fit.
R J Brown

I'll see what I can do. engine assembly is on hold pending receipt of missing gasket.
Art Pearse

Randy, email me and I have some pics with a ruler for scaling. See what you think. They are too large to post here.
Art Pearse

If and when someone does obtain some sort of preliminary measurements, it would be nice if they could be posted for everyone to see.
Gordon Harrison


That is my intention. Art has sent me some pics with a ruler located such that I think I can start putting a drawing together. I will submit it to Barney when I am confident that it will be useful.

Randy Myers
Randy Myers

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