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MG MGA - front hub question

I need a right front hub for a wire wheel car with disc brakes. My question is, can I use a right front hub from a drum brake car. I know from looking, that the hub has a different bolt pattern but can I just drill new holes in the hub from the drum brake car and bolt the rotor on that hub? I know that I can buy a new hub but at $150.00 each and I have a bunch of wire wheel hubs from drum brake cars.
GK George

Does the disc rotor fit the hub diameter?
If so, does the disc fit centrally to the calipers?
Then if so, you could drill extra holes, provided there is a gap of at least one hole diameter between holes.
Art Pearse

Not sure if it is possible , but if you did I would recommend that you have a highly qualified welder close up the holes that are not being used. This would surely add more strength bach to the hub.
Gordon Harrison

Gord, I would not do that b/c of possible flange distortion.
Art Pearse

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