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MG MGA - Front wheel alignment

Getting the car ready for MOT after a break of 15 years on SORN and trying to get the best alignment. Page J.7, Section J.10 of the workshop manual says that the dimensions from the ends of the flats to the locknuts must be equal. Does anyone please know what this magic dimension from the outer end of the flat to the locknut is so that I can use it as a starting point?

Many thanks for your help.


Dave Adams

Don't remember ever seeing a measurement, it all depends on the manufacture of the track rod ends and the rack mountings. Set the steering wheel in the straight-ahead position, then adjust each side by placing a straight edge (I use a 6 foot spirit level) across the walls of the tyres to get the wheels parallel with the sills. This will give you a rough starting point. Finish off by using a gunson Trackrite, bits of tight string or straight edges etc to get the wheel parallel with each other, then drive the car on a straight road to see how the steering wheel sits. If it is not central, adjust one track rod end out and the other in a flat at a time until it sits right. Alternatively, take it to a tyre shop and let them set it! The Gunson Trackrite drive-over gauge is a simple, but brilliant bit of kit and well worth having. You will never again have to visit a garage to get your tracking checked!
Lindsay Sampford


Thanks for your comment. The MOT man is going to set the headlamps and track the wheels before the MOT test. I was hoping to get it about right as the magic dimension on the RHS was 9/32 and on the LHS 23/32. I have put them both at 9/32.

I should have done it before I put the body on when there was plenty of access.



Just passed the MOT.

The toe-in was set on a new optical machine. Back home I checked the dimension from the outer end of the flat on each side to the lock nut and in each case it was 10mm.

The rack is original and the track rod ends have MOWOG forged onto them so 10mm would be a good starting point for an initial setting.




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