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MG MGA - Front wing removal

Hi All,
I need to remove a front wing from my 1600 Coupe. Any tips?
The very thought fills me with dread but the wing needs to come of for repainting.

Thanks. Simon
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I hope you have better luck than I did: mine came off to repair the inner sills; every underneath (invisible) panel was in less than good order. It took weeks to finish and ££££s. Mind you, I do know how good it all is now!

As the manual would say, ďItís the reverse of fitting it!Ē

Youíll have to remove the kick panel (the one with the map pocket), the splash guard, the finisher strip, the headlamp assembly, the side light assembly, the front valance (at least remove the screws that connect the valance to the fender). Now I think youíre ready to remove the fender bolts. I would loosen all of them first and then remove all but three or four of them. You may want to tape the front edge of your door to keep from chipping the paint on the door.

Iím sure Iíve missed something but youíll see as you progress through the removal process.

Good luck removing it and putting it back on.

JL Cheatham

Why not paint in on the car ?
A J Dee

Thanks Jim. That's a start. AN my local paint shop says they can do a better job with the wing off and without the wing beading getting in the way. Also cheaper for me.
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When I resprayed the whole car couple of years ago all I did was remove all the bolts holding the wings to the body, removed the wing beading and created a clearance to effectively separate the wing from the body along the top edge. Didn't have to touch the bottom edge. You need some serious masking of the main body maybe three or four layers of masking tape to prevent bleed through of new paint, but its a whole lot simpler than taking the whole thing off and then having to realign it with all that lovely fresh paint just waiting to get dinged or scratched. Just bolts straight back into position. Of course still need to remove headlights and indicators.

AR Terry

Hi Simon
I agree with Alan. I slackened all the top bolts and those down the back edge on my roadster. Removed the wing beading,windscreen, bumper (in 1 piece) and lights at the spray shop. They sprayed the wings and I refitted before driving home. Job done. Good Luck.
Brian Paddon

When my car was very recently sprayed their solution was, as people suggest, slacken off and remove beading but also insert washers as spacers presumably one bolt at a time.

Paul Dean


Where in Hertfordshire are you located?
John Bray

Hi All.
Thanks. The painter wanted the wing off so he could repair the botton and media blast the inside of the wing.
John I am in St Albans.
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Let me know if you need assistance in removing the wing.

I have removed many in the past and and depending on how seized the various fasteners are it shouldn't be to difficult.

John Bray

Hi John.
Thanks for the kind offer. This won't be happening until the Autumn now. Please email me your contact details and we can discuss meeting up.
Regards Simon
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