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MG MGA - Fuel Pump


I have a new fuel pump here,i cleaned the contacts and put the gab on 0.030".
When i now put 12v on the pump it only "clicks" one time.There are no fuel lines attached.
Is this normal, does the pump only work with the pressure from the fuel in the fuel tank?

Serge - How long as the pump been sitting on the shelf? If has been long on the shelf, the points could be filmed over beyond a quick cleaning with sand paper. E-mail me with details about the pump at and I'll see if I can help you get the pump back in working order. Cheers - Dave
David DuBois

If it is an SU pump, it should click rather rapidly without any fuel, much as it would if you had just keyed on and you were filling the fuel bowls or when running out of gas.
Good luck,
G T Foster

Is the diaphragm too tight so that as it moves it cannot move far enough to allow the "throw over" at the points?

M F Anderson

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