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MG MGA - Fuel Tank Installation

I am about ready to install a new fuel tank in my 1600. What is the best way to get it installed: install mounting straps then the tank or install the mounting straps to the tank and then install as a unit.?

As always, I appreciate any help that this board can provide.

Thanks in advance,
Don Carlberg
Don Carlberg

Don, don't know if it's the best way but I plan on mounting the straps then the tank, that way I can positiion the tank so that the filler is positioned correctly before I tighten the clamps up on the straps.
Bill Young

Straps to tank then to car as a unit. Leave the straps loose around the tank until last. It can be difficult to start the long bolts that hold the straps to the tank as you fight the rubber strips in between them. Once the straps are on loosely start the two bolts at the rear first then attach and tighten the front bolts. This job is definatly one of the "don't tighten any thing until everything is started" jobs.
R J Brown


I've just finished that job myself. I fitted the straps to the tank first and to get the rubber under the straps to stay in the right place I glued then them with contact adhesive to the strap. I have heard others that put the rubber round the tank and staple the two ends together to keep it tight, then put the straps on.

Getting the tank into the car is a bit of a pig if you are on your back on the floor. Definiotely four hands needed. The tank filler spout has to be jiggled into the hole in the boot floor so you can't do a straight lift and I had to fit the filler spout rubber and ring with the tank loose otherwise they wouldn't go down to the boot floor. As RJ says its best to keep things loose until all the bolts are in place.

John Francis

In case it helps, when I did it on my own on frogeye (no friends!) I found that supporting the tank on a short plank on my jack made it very much easier. Can then just jack it up
Graham M V

Thanks for all the suggestions! I will report back once the tank is installed.

Don Carlberg

I can report success thanks to all the suggestions received. This is what worked for me: installed the support straps loosely to the tank. Using a floor jack, I jacked the tank up enough for the fill pipe to extend into the trunk (it took a little jockeying to get the fill pipe into the trunk.) Supported the tank with jack stands, removed the jack and then carefully tilted the tank to install the rear support bolts followed by the front bolts. It took me about an hour working by myself. Keeping the staps loose was key because some adjustment was required to get everthing to line up.

This board it great!

Thanks again.
Don Carlberg
Don Carlberg

You mention rubber strips. I am about to start this job. What do the strips look like and is it OK to cut some from bicycle tubes?
Harley Johansen

It is easier to use flat strips of rubber like Moss supplies than inner tube material. The inner tube material is curved and irregular. I have used both successfully. Gluing the material to the straps makes either choice much easier.
R J Brown

If there is a water-garden store near you, get a piece of rubber pond liner. It work well and has a lot of uses in car restoration.
David werblow

I used electrical PVC tape, stuck to the inside of the straps.
Art Pearse

Hey Folks, good thread! What i sthe current wisdom on which new tank to install? POwder coated? Painted? Aluminum? Thanks, Tom
Thomas McNamara

I got mine from British Racing Green which is an east coast distributor for Moss Motors parts. The tank came painted and fit just like the original. (I was especially surprized at the cost.) My existing tank sending unit fit right as did the fuel line. The amazing thing to me is that they had the tank in stock! I ordered it on a Friday and had it the following Wednesday. I have dealt with this distributor (Jim Knight) for the past 6 years after an unbelievably good e-bay purchase experience of a new top from them. They really go out of their way to address problems to your satisfaction. They also give an internet discount.

Don Carlberg
Don Carlberg


As an FYI the new Moss tank, 456-800 is currently back ordered on the west coast.

Don, is your new tank the zink plated model that Moss has been advertising?

jjb Backman

It sure looks like the one I ordered (456-800) from BRG and got it at the price shown at the Moss link above less the internet discount from BRG. As I said in an earlier post, the fit was perfect all around. I had an older Moss catelog that showed the price of the steel tank (456-800) to be $345.00. You can imagine how thrilled I was to get it at the lower price.

Don Carlberg

Don, et al,

The new Moss gas tanks are again availible on the west coast (US). Mine had been back ordered for several months but showed up over the weekend.

The wife says I cannot open it until next week for my b-day.....

My kids say the pic is the real thing, the artist was amazing. He drew me in less than a minute.

jjb Backman

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