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MG MGA - Full Service for the New Year!

Good morning,

Time for the bi-annual Japanese inspection (similar to the MOT). I will be $1,000 lighter in the pocketbook but it's unavoidable.

I took this opportunity to perform a much needed and very thorough and comprehensive service. The tires on the car looked fine, but were 12 years old and beginning to crack and were clearly dry-rotted. I replaced them with some vintage-look Vredestien Sprint Classics. They really complement the vintage look/feel of the car and with the taller sidewall they are much quieter and more comfortable. Handling is just fine.

I changed all fluids except the brake fluid (silicon) which was replaced last year when I changed the master cylinder. I will flush it again when I do the front disc brake conversion soon. The oil looked fine but was a year old, a new Napa Gold 1516 completed the service. Don't know what I will do next time as the 20W50 Castrol I have been using for years is scarce. Actually, 20W50 is scarce in Japan anyway and can run over $10 a liter.

Next, I did a light tune-up. With the MSD and custom distributor, the points literally still look like brand new so a quick gad check and all is well. Plugs also look great as well as the HT leads.

I have a supercharger so serviced that and cleaned and re-oiled the K&N filter and topped off the carb damper oil.

Next up is the fender welting. I have some on order from Bob West in the UK. With the exchange rate and shipping it was a good deal.

Tommy Baker

Looking good Tom, but $1k for an MOT - wow bit excessive. Also see you are LHD in a RHD country.
Cam Cunningham

Thanks, Cam. The inspection lasts 2 years. It used to have to be done annually for older cars but that changed a few years ago. I know of a handful of MGAs here and most are LHDs.
Tommy Baker

I lived in Japan 80 to 82 and noted that British prestige cars were usually imported as Lhd......a strange sort of 'snob' differential to local cars.......
Loved that colour..what is it?
Neil Ferguson

Hi Tommy,

Do you attend many MG events in Japan?
Have you ever seen a Glacier Blue RHD mga twin cam?
This car, with a VIN number of YD2/1717, was sold in Australia and went to Kobe in Japan.
I have an interest because it has the original Twin Cam engine out of my car. My car was given a new MGA Twin Cam engine after the original engine blew up.

M F Anderson

Image of MGA Twin Cam in Japan.


M F Anderson

Another image.


M F Anderson

Hi Mick,

Sadly, I don't attend many events anymore. Around my area most of the MG guys have converted to AH's. I will attend various classic cars meets and the like when I have time. Some of the clubs can be rather snobbish. I was once in an MG club 10 or so years ago and while there were 10-15 cars there were only 2 MGs.

I had two friends with A's but both of those are long gone.

The color is ashgreen. One of the stock color for a newer model. Mine was originally black, but after several owners and life on the road it was destined to never be black again! I also had a glacier blue one repainted BRG and a white one repainted red.

For the TC, I might be able to find it thanks to the pic with the plate number visible. I'll see what I can find out. Thank you!

Tommy Baker

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