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MG MGA - Fun Buggy MGA

This could be a fun diversion. In June 1968 Mechanix Illustrated magazine published an article on building a "cheap" Fun Buggy on an MGA chassis. See here: (small web page with pictures) (2.1-MB pdf file)

Now (possibly for the first time ever) someone is building another one with a more modern engine and personal touches. Frank Chance (fchance61 at in Richmond Hill, Georgia, would like to know if anyone in the world might have a copy of the original plans that were published (for sale) by the magazine in 1968?

Let the party begin!


Seems like there are better, cheaper, less rare chassis to build a buggy from. VW Bug chassis have been the traditional donor for decades, and you can still buy every part new including the frame.
Steve Simmons

MGA chassis are not particularly rare, since they made 100,000 of them. When you have one with a totally rotted body why not put something else on top or it for a while? I rather like the amusement of the variants. If they turn out to be truly rare and very expensive in the future, the body swap could be reversible.

Rare is relative. Compared to VW bugs, MGAs are rare. And they have dignity dog gunnit! ;) But to each their own.
Steve Simmons

Hey, the first ....Rat Rod Mga.....Crazy man.
Gordon Harrison

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