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MG MGA - Funniest of a glut of MGAs on UK ebaY

There are currently 19 MGAs on ebaY, which I suspect is a bit of a record!

But this one surely deserves an award for the biggest discrepancy between pictures and text!

Difficult not to say that it contains out and out bare faced lies! Or to be kinder, perhaps the guy is tongue in cheek and genuinely trying to make us laugh!

One phrase is absolutely true:
"This is not the typical UK Full Professional Marque Restoration as you can see from the engine bay and the boot area."
But I expect my interpretation and the seller's meaning are not the same!

Shame to be cruel, but why use words like "concours", "bare metal" and "body off" to describe a very average car that's just had a quick and dirty respray? Blatantly not true!
N McGurk

It's not too bad Neil. I agree nowhere near 'concours' but the paint looks pretty good from the photos and the engine bay has been painted also. For me the biggest discrepancy from 'concours' is the dashboard which has not been done correctly and also the horrible steering wheel as well as a host of other things.
What does he mean by having the wing piping colour coded? I don't think I've ever seen pale blue piping for sale anywhere.
I can't see him letting it go for much less than 20k so it seems to me to be risky not to have a reserve unless he is planning to remove it before time.

Is it my imagination or is Iris blue becoming more popular? ........................ Mike
m.j. moore

Yes the engine bay has been painted, but it wasn't emptied first and is missing many components...not a correct clip/pipe/cable route in site
the boot was painted in the same way, not removing or even masking parts. Colour coded beading just means the wings were sprayed on the car and the beading was not removed or masked. Blatantly obvious that the body not been removed, not even the wings!

The passenger door fit is very poor and not even any pictures to show how bad the rest is!
N McGurk

Hope he has a regulator on his in-line race fuel pump! As far as it goes, with no reserve, it's not a bad car as far as I can see. I guess it's his words we are taking to task here. I noticed his rating was 93% so had a look at his feedback. He was brought to task by declaring a 2CV item brand new, when in fact it was second hand with paint over corrosion. Looks like the type of rebuild they have been doing on Channel 5.

Steve Gyles

I wonder which insurance company gave him an agreed valuation of 37,500?
John Francis

After the publicity they have got from the Channel 5 series the valuation was probably given by RM auctions.

Malcolm Asquith

Having had an MGA since they were 7 to 14 years old (1969) it was a couple of years before I saw any that didn't have 'colour coded wing piping as that time they had all, including mine, had cheap over sprays. I was really chuffed when I saw my first with grey piping.

Incidentally Porsche colour match the Boxster badge on the back of some models, this always makes me think they have had a cheap spray job.

P M Dean

Damage to lower rear wing
Missing number plates (mountings, brackets, back plates and rear number plate lamp)
Missing front valance
Missing (or painted?) fuel filler grommet
Missing grille piping
Missing air cleaners
Missing heater duct forward of rad
Missing heater duct clip
Incorrect colour piping for (original!?) seats
Wing beading and rear light beading painted
Rocker vent tube not connected

Maybe the pictures were taken before the car was finished (or before the concours restoration was started!!) as there is no spare wheel, spare wheel clamp, spare wheel cover etc. etc. Probably no hood or side screens, who knows.

With more pictures it would be a much longer list.

Looks like a solid but cheap US import that has had a bit of mechanical work and a quick spray over and a few bits of trim. Nothing wrong with that if described accordingly. If the body and chassis are sound (very doubtful as the body has not been removed) and it is sorted mechanically then I would say it's worth 12 plus depending on how many parts not shown are actually missing. But no need for all the BS (agreed value 37.5k - come on...)
N McGurk

This is a much nicer one currently on US Ebay and I wouldn't mind it with or without the accessory!.................Mike

m.j. moore

The blue car is nice - at $21,200 it did not meet its reserve the last time it was up on Ebay.

What surprises me is that one that really looked nice to me on Ebay recently sold for less at $19,700. Below is a picture from Ebay and you can find it in completed US listings, or if this link works:

I realize that the white one has a few issues (dash etc.) but is it the color that makes the difference? I'd be interested to hear why members think the blue one is more coveted. The white one even has the pretty expensive side curtains and wire wheels.

Tom Going

Who wants the car. I would be happy with just the accesory!
Graham M V

That looks like an exceptionally nice car for the money Tom. Honestly described and if anything too humble. I think the main reason for the expected price difference is the white one is twelve years old and the blue one is fresh.
N McGurk

The 2CV part which caused the negative feedback doesn't look too bad (see below).

According to his feedback, he sold a Twin Cam Coupe in March for 13,900. Did anyone see it?

Dave O'Neill2

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