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MG MGA - Fusing Lighting Circuit

I have just purchased a 1961 MGA 1600 Mk2 Coupe after selling the TC and MGB -I recently experienced a short on the panel light circuit due to a trapped wire which burnt out a small section of this wiring (fortunately I have a Battery cut out switch) I was able to replace this wiring thanks to Barneys instructions -However this made me think about fusing some of the non fused circuits ie the lighting circuit I was thinking of using line fuses Has anyone any experience of doing this?
P D Camp

Although I have not done it, it seems that it would be a simple job.
Just put an line fuse of 35 Amps where the brown wire with the blue trace comes out of the control box. This would fuse protect all of the light circuit loom.
Using a line fitting that would hold a fuse of the same type as the normal fuses would reduce the requirement for carrying different types of spare fuses.

Mick Anderson

Thanks Mick
That was my thought- I appreciate that any problem blowing the fuse would disable all the lights but such a problem could possibly burn out the wiring anyway without a fuse !!
P D Camp

In the MGA we rebuilt we included a fuse box with eight fuses rather than two. We figured it was the 2006 and not 1960ish. We also installed the fuse box on the inside of the fire wall to further protect the wiring. I have attached an image of the finished product. More fuses help to isolate the problem quicker.

DJ Lake

David, did you remove the org fuse box? or work through it to keep the car looking org.?
Whit I see looks like a great upgrade. Would like to see a photo of the engine compartment.


The fuse box looks good and what I would hope to do in time. I have just put a 35 amp line fuse in the lighting circuit to give me a little peace of mind
P D Camp

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