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MG MGA - gas gauge reading full

I just put a new gas tank on my 1960 A. Before I replaced the tank the gas gauge and sending unit were working just fine. Now the gauge is always reading full when the ignition is switched on. I have driven 100 miles on the first tank of gas and the needle is still at full. The needle does drop when the ignition is switched off. The same gauge, same sending unit, same wiring. What did I screw up?
S E Bryan

Sounds like the ground has been lifted.

In the original configuration, the ground was provided by the metal fuel piping to the pump.

It is common to have to fit a wire from one of the six screws holding the sender unit to the tank over to a convenient bolt or screw on the frame. Make sure that you use good circular connectors, and that the paint is removed under the connector, or use a star washer.

AJ Mail

I had just that when I first got my "A". The two previous owners receipts showed various garages charging money and getting nowhere...
I discovered the sender unit was mounted upside down. Check the connector, it should be at the bottom.
P N Tipping

Connector is on the bottom, and there is a solid pipe (no rubber) to the fuel pump. I will try adding a ground,that was the problem, fuel gauge now reads half full. Thanks to all Steve.
S E Bryan

Glad you got it sorted Steve.
P N Tipping

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