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MG MGA - Gas Pedel Adjust? Gas Needle Adjust?

I just installed the "cute" little foot pedel (Paddy, I thought it would be a size 10, not 1!) on my gas pedel(it works great), but now the pedel is too high/close to me. How do I move it closer to the floor/even with the other pedels?

Also, my gas gauge reads less than a quarter full always...except when key off, it goes to E.
Joe Walck

It's time to pull the fuel gauge sending unit,it's common for them to lock up and not pivot!...If that's the case just spray it with some penatrating fluid and gentle wiggle it back and forth till it's free!

Be careful with the Paddy pedal (diecast zinc)- mine broke across the bolt line after about 4 months use. I fabricated a new one from aluminium (tedious job but strong).
Not sure you can do much with the gas pedal height - geometry of levers set to ensure full throttle opening. Is your gas pedal level with the brake and clutch pedals? If not I would start by making sure all pedal linkages are in good condition - check you have return springs on clutch and brake pedal, check bushes for wear, connection pins to master cylinder rods and wear in arm holes. Finally you can adjust stops on throttle pedal for fine adjustment of pedal height.
Mike Ellsmore

I'll run her low on gas...before I do the fuel sending unit (right?).
I'm 6', size 11W shoes(I have to wear thin moc's when driving a TD, my new A seems to have more leg/knee room than a B!), so with the seat ALL the way back, my brake and clutch pedal feel right (cylinder replaced by PO last year). The gas pedal is an inch closer to the drivers right foot. The actual distance from the floor/carpet isn't uncomfortable. I couldn't slide my foot directly from the clutch/brake padels to the gas without "lifting" my right knee 1 inch. I'd hate to think the clutch/brake pedals need to be closer to me...ideas?

By the way, I had an original Dunlop tire from my wife's TD, 'hanging' in the garage('52, it looks like it has 100 miles on it!)...I put it into the A's spare tire hole (it fit perfectly)and filled it with tools, rags, a jack, emergency kit, water, all in the tire cavity; I put an old heavy jacket in the center, along with a blanket, spare hat, gloves, AND 2 cans of stop case I get a flat...and the # to Hagerty Towing. Now I have a clean trunk, everything hidden under the tire cover/in the tire; it holds up the convertible top properly, behind the seats, too.
Joe Walck

You can try adjusting the top stop on the gas peddle so pedal is level with brake pedal then have someone press the gas pedal down to the bottom stop and see if throttle is fully open. You may have to readjust the throttle cable at the carbies - if not fully open you can move the bottom stop on the gas pedal down a bit - both of these stops have slotted holes in the brackets for adjustment.
Mike Ellsmore can move the bottom stop on the gas pedal down a bit - both of these stops have slotted holes in the brackets for adjustment.
Where are those slotted holes? you are refering to?
I must say, this is a strange gas pedal to bar, to the right side to a cable...strange.

Joe Walck


Joe Walck


Joe Walck

Sorry Joe, didn't realise you are left hand drive. My comments refer to RHD cars. Mike
Mike Ellsmore

You could probably bend the linkage a bit to move the pedal back toward the floor, or put a bushing or spacer up behind the linkage on the left side to stop it's travel before it reaches all the way "out" again - maybe add a tab stop or additional piece to the bracket on the right hand side. Just be sure to adjust the cable accordingly.

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