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MG MGA - Gearbox front cover

G'day all,
I have an old A box that I'm thinking of putting into my A but don't know what clutch lever to use. It is a 1600 style box but with a front cover with a seal, not the older style without. The front plate has a casting number 22H27 on it, and the box has 22H22 just near that on the front face of the box inside the bell housing, but no lever. I've currently got an original spring clutch in there. Don't know if it needs a different lever from standard anyway, as the clutch is Twin Cam with the extra spacers between the clutch cover and the flywheel. The existing box is a close ratio - living on a hill makes it hard to get out of my street, clutches don't like being slipped indefinitely.

Can anybody help with a part number for the clutch lever please? Or how easy is it to test with a variety of different ones without trying to drive the car - box in the car but not driving it. I have a few odd ones around, probably different types.

thanks, Andrew
A Buick


The clutch operating levers for the MGA 1600 and the Twin Cam are identical with both having part number 11G3193.
The number you quote for the the front cover is a casting number.
Later models of the 1600 MK11 had the cover with the seal fitted but the covers are interchangeable between the 1600, the 1600 MK11, and the Twin Cam.
The 1600 and Twin Cam covers without a seal are part number 1H3147. The later 1600 MK11 with the seal is 48G179.
For interest does the spare gearbox have the reinforcing ribs along the top of the bellhousing (1600 MK11)?

Why not put a MGB diaphragm clutch in it?
You need a 3 main bearing MGB clutch lever, MGB carbon bearing, MGB bearing clips and MGB front cover, and and MGB clutch of course.
The hardest part to find is the MGB front cover from a 3 bearing MGB engine. I have a new one to sell to you if you want it.

M F Anderson

Thanks Mick,
No it doesn't have the ribs, it is a 1600 style box that I have had sitting for over 30 years and it looked when I bought it as though it had been sitting for a while so I suspect that is probably original. I was hoping to find out though if it had been changed to a B cover but the only number I have is that casting number.

Assuming that the clutch cover is ok, what is the advantage to putting in a diaphragm clutch cover?

A Buick


You only use the MGB type front cover if you are going to fit a MGB diaphragm type clutch.
You cannot use a MGB cover with a Twin Cam clutch.
I have done the conversion of a MGB clutch to a MGA because it is a much better clutch.
Your spare 1600 gearbox probably has a later MGA 1600 MK11 cover with the seal, not a MGB cover.
The MGB cover has the lever pivot point further forward than the MGA cover.
The cover casting mark on a MGB cover is ""MOWOG 22B55 AB".

In my earlier post when I said a 3 bearing MGB I meant a 3 synchro MGB.

M F Anderson

MA, in your list of things to do for putting an MGB clutch onto an MGA should you add 'either an early MGB flywheel or adapt MGA clutch to 3 pin (as per Barney's info)'?
J H Cole

Yes, I was just giving a basic outline.
Anyone who intends to do the conversion should read Barney's website for details:

As for the flywheel, I have done it both ways, using an early MGB flywheel on a MGA Deluxe and drilling the three holes in a mga twin cam flywheel.
The lighter flywheel worked well in the Deluxe, but I prefer a heavier flywheel in a Twin Cam with a 9.9 compression ratio on a road car.

M F Anderson

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